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       self service hotel
       automatic reception
The system is designed for hotels and boarding houses in which there will be no 24-hour reception or the reception will be open only for a few hours a day. also check: automatic reception - for operating hotels
how it works and how you can mount a self service hotel ?
Through the website, the guest reserves and pays for the stay.
He receives a one-time PIN code which will be able to open the hotel door and the rented room.
He can arrive at any time of the day at night.

Basic system functions:
  - opening the door with a PIN or proximity card
  - turning on the voltage after inserting the card into the holder on the wall of the room
  - limiting heating and turning off air-conditioning if a window is open in the room
  - if the room is not rented, heating can be reduced via the Internet
  - the Hotel_M program can be used to block a PIN or a card
  system description
  without automation.pdf
  with automation.pdf
  The guest opens the building's front door with a PIN code.
  keyboard card reader  
opening the door with a PIN code

e.g. 8024 and the #
sign in case of a mistake *
The same code opens the room door.  a card is prepared in the room during the entire stay the guest will open the door of the building and the rented room

 After the stay, he should leave the card in the room if the guest takes the card, it can be blocked immediately using the Hotel_M program
"Willa Gusia" in Zakopane.

Self service hotel managed remotely from Warsaw.
The system installed in 2015.
Currently, installations operate in a dozen or so small ones hotels in Poland and Germany.
                     Maintenance-free hotel - rooms without automation - just opening the door
GS-280K GS-270K  
DS-2410 controller for 8 doors Hotel_M  
    The door must have:

 - a fixed knob from the outside
 - a door handle from the inside
 - an insert opened with a key reversing the lock latch
 - in the electro-catch frame
                    Rooms with automation - a self service hotel
standard version of automation full version of automation
the door can be opened by card or PIN
after inserting the card into the holder, the voltage is turned on
the voltage will only be turned on by the card that opens the room door
you cannot use another card or business card because there is a card reader in the hole
if a window is open in the room, the controller will limit the heating to 10 ° C
you can remotely limit heating if the room is not rented
alarm in each room is switched off by inserting the card into the holder
An electric strike with an "open door" switch can be installed in the entrance door
  A rooms with automation
  B rooms without automation
  W entrance to the building
  P other doors opened
only by card

     DS-2410 controller
     with 230 / 12V 2A power supply
Staff cards can open all doors
The system can be expanded by adding more room groups
from DS-2410 controller and GS controllers (max 200 doors)
keyboard card readers
holder with temperature sensor DS-2410
card readers


    The door must have an NC type electric strike mounted (closed without voltage connected)
The door should have a knob on the outside and the door handle on the inside.
Evacuation in the event of a fire is provided and no evacuation buttons are needed.
We recommend leaving mechanical locks with a key opening.
In emergency situations (e.g. prolonged 230V power outage) it will be possible to open the door with a key.
An electric strike with an "open door" switch can be installed in the entrance door
1 Hotel_M     program for Windows 10
- English
- other compatible with the computer language
2 DS-2410      
3 GS-165
4 GS-165N      
Electric strike NC

12V 0,5A DC
10  heating control relay
11  cards with numbers